CNN Grills U.N. on Hamas Horrors—Silence is Complicity!

In a shocking turn of events, CNN dared to ask U.N. Women’s Executive Deputy Director Sarah Hendriks why she and the U.N. continue to turn a blind eye to the heinous acts committed by Hamas against women, including terrifying levels of sexual violence on October 7. The U.N.’s refusal to call out these atrocities is nothing short of appalling, and many Americans are demanding answers.

Hendriks’s response was nothing short of absurd, as she scrambled to defend the U.N.’s inaction with weak excuses and flimsy justifications. It’s clear that the U.N. is more interested in protecting its own reputation than in standing up for the rights and safety of women around the world. How can an organization that claims to champion women’s rights continue to ignore such blatant abuses?

The U.N.’s failure to hold Hamas accountable for their despicable treatment of women is a disgrace, and it’s time for the world to wake up and recognize the U.N.’s complicity in these atrocities. The U.N. should be a beacon of hope and justice for women everywhere, but instead, it has become a symbol of cowardice and hypocrisy. It’s time for the U.N. to put aside its political agendas and start prioritizing the safety and well-being of women who are suffering at the hands of ruthless terrorists.

Written by Staff Reports

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