Defense Chief MIA, Media Hush-Hush: National Security on the Line?

U.S. Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin had quite the hospital visit last week, but the mainstream media sure didn’t want to let the American people know about it. They’re all about respecting privacy, but at what cost? When the second-in-command of the United States military is MIA for days and even President Joe Biden doesn’t seem to have a clue, we’ve got a problem, folks.

Former President Donald Trump didn’t mince words, calling for Austin to be fired immediately. And can you blame him? Austin’s been missing in action for a week, and nobody, not even “Crooked Joe Biden,” knew where he was. Trump slammed Austin’s track record, criticizing his handling of the catastrophic surrender in Afghanistan, which he called the most embarrassing moment in U.S. history. Ouch!

Austin tried to play the privacy card, but when you’re in a position like his, you don’t just get to disappear without a trace. As Human Events Senior Editor Jack Posobiec pointed out, Austin’s absence is not just a violation of national security but also U.S. laws regarding the National Command Authority and military personnel readiness. This guy is responsible for the nuclear weapons chain of command, for crying out loud!

Posobiec also highlighted the potential risks of Austin’s ICU stint, considering ongoing crises involving the Navy, Iran, and China. With service secretaries and combatant commanders clueless about Austin’s absence, we could be looking at a military in deadlock. Not exactly a comforting thought.

Sure, Austin had elective surgery that seemed to go fine, but things took a turn for the worse on New Year’s Day. And despite all this, the Biden administration has no plans to give Austin the boot. It’s like they’re not even trying to hold him accountable for his disappearing act.

Whether you support Trump or not, the man sure knows how to put things into perspective. And with the 2024 election looming, it’s clear that we need to stand up and fight for the America we love. The Western Journal is on the front lines, battling the leftist media and corrupt elites, but they can’t do it alone. The 2024 election is too important to sit back and watch. It’s time to unite and fight for our country. Are you in?

Written by Staff Reports

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