Dem Impeachment Lawyer CAUGHT Meeting Hunter Biden!

Friday, House Republicans raised questions about Democratic impeachment attorney Rep. Dan Goldman and his alleged encounter with Hunter Biden in January 2020. This meeting purportedly occurred shortly after President Trump's first impeachment. Republicans on the Judiciary Committee cited an August Politico article that described Hunter Biden's plea agreement with the Justice Department for tax evasion and a firearms charge.

Hunter Biden's counsel argued that any errors on his tax returns were the result of miscommunications and the incompetence of accountants working with a drug addict. To settle Hunter Biden's tax bill, the attorneys required more time to examine queries and locate documents.

In response to this information, Republicans on the Judiciary Committee inquired, "Which impeachment lawyer did Hunter meet with?" Rep. Dan Goldman, a Democrat from New York who joined Congress this year, was featured in a tweet by the House GOP's Republican Twitter account in response. The Washington Times attempted to contact Mr. Goldman's office for comment but received no response.

Mr. Goldman served as a senior advisor and director of investigations during President Trump's first impeachment. He played a significant role in the investigation of the former president by the House Intelligence Committee. During his tenure at the Southern District of New York, Mr. Goldman prosecuted cases involving organized crime, including the Genovese crime family, prior to his election to Congress.

Mr. Goldman has recently been criticized by Republicans for confessing that President Biden discussed his family's international business dealings with Hunter. This contradicted the President's previous denials. In addition, Mr. Goldman asserted that Hunter's former business associate Devon Archer stated during an interview with the Oversight Committee conducted behind closed doors that Hunter sold his father the "illusion of access." However, the transcript subsequently revealed that Mr. Goldman was the one who coined the phrase, and Mr. Archer expressed ambivalence about whether it was an accurate description.

It remains to be seen how these events will play out and what effect they may have on the Biden administration. Stay tuned for updates regarding this topic.

Written by Staff Reports

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