Van Drew Slams Biden’s Border Blunder: No Migrants in Atlantic City!

Congressman Jeff Van Drew of New Jersey's Second Congressional District wrote a letter to President Joe Biden and Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas about the Biden administration's "reckless" and "weak" border policies. Van Drew, who used to be a Democrat but is now a Republican, said he was totally against the idea of moving illegal immigrants to the Atlantic City International Airport. And he has a lot of good points.

Van Drew said that the excessive and careless spending by the government is already making life hard for people in South Jersey, where inflation is at high levels. It looks like Biden and his team never learned how to run a budget! And now they want hardworking Americans to pay for thousands of illegal immigrants to live in their homes? It's an insult to people who play by the rules and obey the law.

Van Drew didn't hold back when he went on Fox News. He said that the Biden government was the "worst in American history." Who could really disagree with him? The way they've dealt with the border issue has been terrible from the start. It's clear that their weak policies at the border are directly to blame for the large number of migrants and the problems they cause in places like Atlantic City.

But Van Drew isn't just worried about how it will affect the economy. He is also very worried about how it will affect national security. By putting illegal immigrants up at the Atlantic City International Airport, the government is not only putting our national security at risk, but also making it harder for our military troops to do their important jobs there. How can we keep our country safe if we are too busy cleaning up after Biden's failed policies?

The congressman also points out how ironic it is that "sanctuary cities" like New York City, Washington, D.C., and San Francisco are having trouble keeping up with the number of migrants. If these liberal havens can't handle the load, how can they expect a place like Atlantic place, which already has a lot on its plate, to do so? It can't go on forever, and it adds to the financial and safety problems of places that didn't ask for this mess in the first place.

In his letter, Van Drew makes it clear that the Biden government needs to take responsibility for the crisis it has caused. It's time for them to stop shifting blame and start coming up with real answers. Atlantic City International Airport shouldn't be considered as a place to house migrants because it's not fair to make the hardworking people of South Jersey deal with the effects of policies they had nothing to do with making.

This letter from Van Drew says exactly how many Americans feel about the current government: frustrated and angry. This government is the worst in history, and Biden's lack of leadership and inability to handle the border crisis are just two more reasons why. It's time for them to step up and do what's best for the people of the United States.

Written by Staff Reports

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