Ramaswamy’s Shocking Pardon Promise to Assange: Does He Hate America Too?

Vivek Ramaswamy, the surprise contender in the 2024 GOP field, has once again made a baffling pledge. This time, he has promised to pardon none other than the anti-American Julian Assange. Now, one has to wonder, what on earth is Ramaswamy thinking?

Assange, the founder of WikiLeaks, is an Australian citizen who published classified American files that he received from Chelsea Manning, a former intelligence analyst. The U.S. government has indicted Assange on multiple federal espionage charges, arguing that his actions put lives at risk. Yet, Ramaswamy believes that pardoning Assange is justified because of President Obama’s commutation of Manning’s prison sentence. This is flawed logic to the max.

It’s hard to fathom how Ramaswamy thought this pledge would benefit his presidential campaign. While a small number of America-hating individuals might celebrate the pardon, they certainly wouldn’t vote for a Republican candidate. On the other hand, many potential supporters would be turned away by such a controversial decision.

This isn’t the only questionable stance Ramaswamy has taken. In June, he expressed openness to cutting off all U.S. aid to Israel. Then, in August, he flip-flopped on the issue, saying he would continue aid if his Middle East plan fails. His lack of consistency and his naive approach to complex issues raise concerns about his judgment.

In the face of the disastrous Biden presidency and the challenges facing the Republican Party, Ramaswamy would be wise to avoid controversial positions that don’t align with his target audience. Pardoning Assange and waffling on aid to Israel won’t win him any favors among conservatives. It’s crucial for candidates to understand the pulse of their base and prioritize the values that resonate with them. Ramaswamy’s recent statements and pledges call into question his ability to do just that.

Written by Staff Reports

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