Pelosi’s Scathing Remarks: Trump’s Unexpected Secret Weapon?

Remember when Hillary Clinton said that people who voted for Trump were a "basket of deplorables"? Well, during an interview with Bloomberg Television, it seems like Nancy Pelosi may have had her own "labeling" moment. Pelosi was trying to downplay how popular Trump is with the Republican base, but she ended up saying some not-so-nice things about his followers. Pelosi says that there are some people who back Trump who "don't share our values in terms of respecting the dignity and worth of every person."

Here's where things start to get interesting. The San Francisco Archbishop has told Nancy Pelosi, who says she is a devout Catholic, that she can't take communion because she supports abortion. So, it's kind of strange to hear her talk about respecting the humanity of every person when she supports unlimited abortion and wouldn't even bring up for a vote a bill to protect babies born alive from abortions.

Pelosi didn't stop there, though. She also said that some Trump supporters do so out of fear. She said that she was worried about globalization, immigrants, new ideas, and differences. But just a moment ago, she had said some not-so-nice things about the same people. When she contradicts herself like this, it's hard to take her claim that she respects everyone seriously.

And let's not forget that Pelosi worried that Trump was a threat to democracy, but she also said that she trusts the American people and the power of our democracy. If she really thinks the American people are good, she should let them pick their own leaders, even if that means Trump. But Pelosi doesn't like Republicans. When asked if there's a Republican candidate she could support, she even laughs. She is all about the Democrats and hopes that the Republicans will find a candidate that the American people can live with.

But there's still more! Pelosi goes on to say that the Republican Party is a good one and that "thug" Trump needs to be kicked out. She even says that he might not think of them as a cult. Well, I'm sure the Republicans will be lining up to get help from Pelosi, who was in charge of two failed attempts to remove Trump from office.

In the end, Pelosi's words may help Trump, just like Hillary's "basket of deplorables" remark did. Polls show that Trump is currently in the lead in the Republican race by a large amount. So, Pelosi, keep going. Your words are helping the GOP a lot.

Written by Staff Reports

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