Dem Mayor Blasts Biden Over Border Mayhem: Crisis Deepens!

In a startling revelation, the Democratic mayor of Eagle Pass, Texas, Mayor Rolando Salinas, has come forward to point the finger at President Biden and his administration for the alarming surge of illegal aliens flooding the southern border. It seems even the Democrats can’t ignore the disastrous consequences of the Biden administration’s weak immigration policies.

Mayor Salinas, a brave voice in the midst of chaos, declared a state of emergency after a staggering 5,000 illegal aliens poured into Eagle Pass from Mexico in a mere five days. When grilled by CNN about who is to blame for this crisis, Mayor Salinas did not mince his words – he placed the responsibility squarely on President Biden’s shoulders. Bravo, Mayor Salinas, for speaking the truth!

Adding insult to injury, the mayor lamented the complete lack of communication from the Biden administration. Not a single call, not even a simple statement acknowledging the dire situation faced by Eagle Pass. It’s no wonder Mayor Salinas feels abandoned. Where is the leadership, Mr. President? Your silence speaks volumes.

Mayor Salinas made an impassioned plea to the Biden administration: enforce the existing immigration laws. It’s not rocket science; it’s just common sense. This endless uncontrolled influx of illegal immigrants blatantly disregards the hard work and sacrifice of legal immigrants who have respected and followed the rule of law. It’s time to level the playing field and ensure fairness for all.

While the media often portrays conservatives as heartless and uncaring, Mayor Salinas reminded the nation that true conservatives value the importance of legal immigration. “If you wanna come here, good – come legally,” he declared. It’s a sentiment shared by millions of Americans who believe in the power and strength of the American dream while upholding the integrity of our laws.

The numbers speak for themselves – 232,972 migrant encounters in August alone, the highest figure this year, and a record-breaking August. This crisis cannot be ignored any longer. It’s time for President Biden to step up, make a plan, and act. The lives and livelihoods of American citizens depend on it.

So, here we are, witnessing a border crisis that has been exacerbated by the Biden administration’s weak stance on illegal immigration. Mayor Salinas’ bold statements shed light on the truth that many will attempt to sweep under the rug. It’s time for us to demand accountability and stand up for the rule of law. Let’s hope President Biden takes decisive action before it’s too late.

Written by Staff Reports

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