Newsom’s Trans Bill Veto: A Stealth Strategy for a Presidential Run?

Gavin Newsom, the Governor of California, has surprised progressives by vetoing a bill that would have required judges to consider a parent’s views on transgender identity during custody battles. This unexpected move has led many to speculate if Newsom is preparing for a national run. Although he stated his reasoning for the veto was to avoid the Executive and Legislative branches infringing on the Judiciary’s authority, some believe Newsom is positioning himself for a future presidential bid.

Despite his veto, Newsom still maintains strong support from the LGBTQ community. The bill’s author, Lori Wilson, and another progressive legislator, Scott Wiener, expressed their disappointment but acknowledged the governor’s previous dedication to LGBTQ rights. However, this performative disappointment masks the knowledge that Newsom’s decision was likely politically motivated rather than based on moral grounds.

If Newsom were to run for president in 2024, he would face significant challenges within the Democratic Party. With Joe Biden’s popularity waning, there is growing concern about his age and public preference for Donald Trump. Additionally, Vice President Kamala Harris is seen as the heir apparent to the Biden administration. Newsom’s potential candidacy would create division within the party, which could hurt their chances of maintaining the White House.

Newsom’s decision to veto the bill may be an attempt to align himself with parents who overwhelmingly reject the Democratic Party’s intrusion into raising their children. By finding the line of acceptability for parents, Newsom is trying to balance his support for LGBTQ rights without alienating a significant portion of the population. This move might help him consolidate support and position himself favorably in future political contests.

Overall, Newsom’s veto of the bill indicates that he is paying attention to political dynamics and considering his options for the future. While he has denied any immediate plans to run for president, it is clear that he is ambitious and calculating his next move. Whether it is in 2024 or beyond, Newsom is likely waiting for the right moment to make his mark on the national stage.

Written by Staff Reports

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