Democrat Megadonor Bags Hunter Biden Art, Scores Big from POTUS!

Hunter Biden’s art sale continues to raise questions about potential conflicts of interest and influence peddling within the Biden administration. Recent reports from Business Insider have revealed that at least one buyer in Hunter Biden’s $1.3 million art sale is a wealthy Democratic donor who was appointed to a prestigious commission by President Biden himself. This revelation directly contradicts President Biden’s claims that his family’s interests are separate from his White House duties.

The buyer in question is Elizabeth Hirsh Naftali, a wealthy real estate investor and philanthropist from Los Angeles. Naftali has deep ties to the Democratic Party, having donated thousands of dollars to the Biden campaign and the Democratic National Campaign Committee. She even hosted a fundraiser for Vice President Kamala Harris. What’s even more concerning is that in July of last year, after Hunter Biden’s first art gallery, President Biden appointed Naftali to the Commission for the Preservation of America’s Heritage Abroad. This commission membership, while unpaid, is often seen as a political favor and a way to reward campaign donors and political allies.

The fact that Hunter Biden knew the identity of at least two buyers, despite the White House’s claims to the contrary, raises further questions about the transparency and ethics of this art sale. It begs the question: Did Hunter Biden use his connection to the buyers to secure the sale and potentially influence policy decisions? The lack of clarity regarding the timing of Naftali’s purchase and her appointment only adds to the suspicion surrounding this entire situation.

Furthermore, Business Insider obtained documents showing that one buyer spent over $875,000 on Hunter Biden’s art, but the identity of that buyer remains undisclosed. This lack of transparency only fuels concerns about potential pay-to-play schemes and the use of artwork as a vehicle for influence peddling.

These revelations highlight the need for a thorough investigation into Hunter Biden’s art dealings and the potential conflicts of interest that may arise from them. It’s crucial that we hold the Biden administration accountable for any actions that undermine the integrity of the White House and raise doubts about the fairness and transparency of our government.

Written by Staff Reports

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