Soccer Team Blasted by Megyn Kelly for ‘Disgraceful’ Anthem Stunt

In a scathing takedown, Megyn Kelly called out the U.S. women’s soccer team for their disrespectful behavior during the national anthem at the FIFA Women’s World Cup. Several players stood stoically without placing their hands over their hearts while the national anthem played, leaving Kelly appalled.

On her show, The Megyn Kelly Show, Kelly expressed her disbelief at the team’s behavior. “Their version of feminism seems to be all about hating your country,” she remarked. “They go out on the national stage and embarrass themselves and the country by not singing the national anthem.”

Kelly was particularly outraged by the players who didn’t even bother to place their hands over their hearts during the anthem. “It was a bridge too far,” she exclaimed. “They couldn’t be bothered to show a basic sign of respect while representing our great nation and the brave military personnel who have sacrificed for it.”

Emily Jashinsky, a conservative commentator, joined Kelly in criticizing the team’s behavior. Jashinsky argued that this disrespectful culture is pervasive throughout the team and reflects the broader culture among younger Americans. She questioned why these players even choose to represent the country if they are ashamed and embarrassed by it.

Kelly wholeheartedly agreed, lamenting the missed opportunity for the players to proudly represent the United States on a global stage. She also singled out Megan Rapinoe, a controversial figure within the team, for her influence on the team’s behavior.

“It’s clear that Rapinoe’s retirement announcement and her refusal to stand for the national anthem has influenced the team’s actions. It’s disgusting,” Kelly declared.

As the U.S. women’s team clinched a 3-0 victory against Vietnam, they now head into their next match against the Netherlands. But the cloud of their disrespectful behavior during the anthem continues to loom over their success on the field.

Written by Staff Reports

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