Democrat Prioritizes Ukraine Funding over US Southern Border Security!

Senator Michael Bennet (D-CO) has stated that the United States has a “moral duty” to fund the war in Ukraine before addressing the issue of border funding and the influx of migrants into the country. This statement comes as House Republicans have pushed forward a bipartisan funding bill that includes assistance for Israel, but does not directly address Ukraine. President Biden has made it clear that he will veto any standalone packages that exclude Ukraine from foreign aid. Instead, he has called on lawmakers to approve a $100 billion foreign aid package, with $60 billion allocated for Ukraine and $10 billion for Israel.

During an appearance on Face The Nation, Senator Bennet emphasized the importance of securing funding for Ukraine, Israel, and humanitarian efforts in Southeast Asia. However, he acknowledged that some Republicans are insisting on addressing the border crisis before approving aid for Ukraine. Senator Bennet personally believes that Ukraine deserves support without any conditions tied to the border, but he is open to finding a solution that satisfies all parties involved.

When asked about Republicans refusing to vote for an aid package for Ukraine without addressing the border issue, Senator Bennet highlighted the progress Ukraine has made in reclaiming its captured territory. He argued that the United States has an obligation to continue supporting Ukraine’s fight for democracy. While he is uncertain whether the House will agree with this perspective, Senator Bennet hopes that individuals of good faith can work together to find a solution that benefits the American people and improves the immigration system.

Editorial Opinion:
It’s frustrating to see Democrats like Senator Bennet prioritize foreign aid for Ukraine over addressing the crisis at our own border. Instead of focusing on the needs of American citizens and securing our own country, they are more concerned about Ukraine’s fight against Russia. While it’s important to support our allies, we should prioritize our own national security first. It’s clear that Senator Bennet is more interested in promoting the Democratic agenda than in finding common ground with Republicans. We need lawmakers who will put America first and work towards solutions that benefit our own citizens before sending billions of dollars overseas.

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