Sick Twist: Leftist Journo Praises Hamas over Freed Hostages!

In the wake of the Israel-Hamas war, the left has once again shown their troubling tendencies. A particularly disturbing trend has emerged, where some individuals are trying to portray the hostages as grateful or friendly towards their Hamas captors. This narrative is fueled by images of Hamas members holding the hands of children, a clear attempt at propaganda.

It is beyond belief that anyone would buy into the terrorists’ propaganda or worse, promote it. Yet, there seems to be a rise in this sickness, as noted by actress Patricia Heaton. One such example comes from “journalist” Maree Campbell, who jumps to the conclusion that a hostage’s facial expression indicates appreciation and thanks towards Hamas.

From the picture, it is clear that the young woman, Maya Regev, is totally traumatized by the extreme circumstances she endured. She was shot in the leg at a music festival, witnessed the brutal rape and murder of her friends, and was held captive for over 50 days. The wound she sustained was reportedly not treated properly during her captivity, leaving her in need of medical attention. To even entertain the idea of sympathizing with Hamas after seeing such a haunting image is unimaginable.

But Campbell doesn’t stop there. She goes on to describe the experience as an exercise in “mutual respect,” which is nothing short of absurd. A look at her social media timeline reveals a festival of anti-Israel sentiments and the support of an independent journalism site with an obvious bias against Israel. She refuses to condemn Hamas, insisting she will only do so when people condemn Israel. The true nature of her intentions and whether she even exists as a real person is up for debate.

Despite the backlash, Campbell stands firm in her support for terrorists and labels those who question her as “vile.” Such sentiments only showcase the real sickness within certain individuals who refuse to acknowledge the true evil of Hamas. It is disheartening to see this dangerous narrative gaining traction, but as conservatives, we must continue to expose the truth and defend the innocent victims of terrorism.

Written by Staff Reports

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