Democrat Representative Admits Trump Will Win Election Says Democracy Will Survive

Some Democrats are finally ready to throw in the towel for November, and surprisingly, they’re okay with it. It’s a breath of fresh air to see at least one Democrat who isn’t consumed by a relentless obsession with Trump. Democratic Representative Jared Golden from Maine penned an op-ed in the Bangor Daily News—likely with the help of a staffer—acknowledging the inevitable: Trump is poised to win the election, but don’t worry, our nation and democracy will survive.

Rep. Golden’s stance is an outright slap in the face to Joe Biden’s campaign, a clear signal that even within their ranks, some Democrats have zero faith in their own nominee. It’s not just a lack of confidence; it’s practically an acceptance letter for the Trump Hotel.

For the last four years, Democrats and their media allies have been beating the drums of a so-called fragile democracy, a narrative as overblown as their past Russia conspiracies. The endless hand-wringing and pearl-clutching ignore one simple fact: American democracy isn’t a delicate flower; it’s a robust oak tree. This nation has survived civil upheavals, world wars, acts of terrorism, and technological revolutions that would leave the Founding Fathers in awe.

January 6, 2021, was indeed a rough day, but America stood tall. Hundreds of police officers courageously defended the democratic process. Judges and state election officials preserved the integrity of our elections. Politicians from both sides certified the results. The resilient spirit of millions of Americans who have sworn to uphold the Constitution—and the countless others who cherish their freedoms—ensured that democracy endured.

Golden wisely points out that this election hinges on the economy, not democracy. It’s a refreshing focus amidst the incessant hand-waving about threats to democracy. The reality is that Congress plays a more crucial role in shaping the nation’s economy than whoever occupies the Oval Office. In 2025, Golden expects Trump will be back in the White House. Maine’s representatives will have to collaborate with him when it benefits their constituents and stand up to him when it doesn’t. That’s politics. 


At last, a Democrat appears to understand that losses are part and parcel of a representative democracy. Public opinion is fickle; there are no permanent majorities. Trump winning the presidency in 2016 wasn’t the apocalypse, and it won’t be in 2024 either.

While Golden might be pushing the usual liberal talking points about protecting Democratic policy priorities, there’s a sense of resignation that Biden’s heyday is long over. Even among their own ranks, the Democrats recognize that having Biden at the helm is a doomed voyage. But such is the nature of democratic politics—the pendulum always swings back.

Written by Staff Reports

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