Ex-Watergate Icon Now Biden’s Brain Tracker: 15+ Gaffes in 18 Months!

The former idolized Watergate reporter, who has now morphed into what some might call a Trump-obsession machine, decided to grace CNN with his sagacity this week. In a riveting display of clairvoyance, he announced that he was aware of 15 or 20 instances in the last 18 months where President Joe Biden’s cognitive faculties apparently hit a speed bump.

One has to marvel at the audacity and sharp observation skills it must take to keep such meticulous track of an empty head. It seems this once-respected journalist has now moonlighted as a part-time neurologist. The number of Biden’s flubbed speeches and bizarre public interactions have been laughed off by his supporters, but being counted in such fine detail can only mean one thing: someone is watching a bit too closely.

It’s interesting how the media gleefully adopts this new narrative, headlining it as wisdom from a trusted source. The same guy who once dug deep into the Watergate scandal now digs deep into Biden’s mental recesses, coming up with examples that can fit on the back of a bingo card. Speaking of which, maybe he should start handing those cards out at press conferences – it would certainly make things more interesting.

One could argue that Biden’s entire administration has been one long mental lapse, but heaven forbid anyone dare suggest that publicly. The left remains ever vigilant, ensuring no topic of conversation grates against their delicate narrative. But at least we know someone out there is providing us with a detailed scorecard, tallying every verbal mishap like it’s the last inning of a Little League game.

If only America’s issues were as easily quantified and diagnosed as the stumblings of its Commander-in-Chief. One can only hope that the same energy put into tabulating Biden’s brain farts could be redirected to more pressing matters – like figuring out if there’s any brain left to malfunction in the first place.

Written by Staff Reports

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