Democratic Donors Shift Funds from Biden to Congressional Races Amid Election Fears

The Democratic circus just can’t seem to find a stable tent pole. A fresh report highlights how the left’s battle against Republicans is moving from the White House to Congress, in what can only be described as a desperate last-ditch effort. President Joe Biden’s lackluster debate performance last week has left both donors and voters visibly queasy, with a chorus of voices suggesting he might want to rethink his run for re-election.

Reports claim major Democratic donors are now jittery about putting their hard-earned bucks behind Biden. Despite his stubborn assurance that he’s not stepping down, checks are getting re-routed faster than Hunter’s “art” sales. Evidently, Democratic donors are funneling their cash into congressional races in the increasingly slim hope of preventing a Red Wave that could lead to a Republican stronghold in the White House, House, and Senate.

Multiple Democratic insiders admit that wealthy donors are now eyeing Senate races, trying to salvage what’s left of their influence. Case in point, Arizona’s contentious Senate race where funds are starting to flood into Democrat Rep. Ruben Gallego’s coffers to fend off the formidable Republican Kari Lake. Hold your hats, folks, it’s going to be a bumpy ride through the Grand Canyon.

Adding more salt to the wound, Biden’s missteps seem to be inadvertently boosting Democratic fundraising for House candidates as well. Democratic spin doctors are bracing themselves for a nightmare scenario: a complete Republican sweep. One Democrat campaign director quipped about their constant anxiety over the GOP creating a Republican trifecta—a fate worse than a Bernie Sanders tax plan.

Predictably, Biden’s ongoing refusal to bow out is a ticking time bomb for Democratic Congressional races. Democrat Rep. Mike Quigley of Illinois voiced concerns over Biden’s unyielding ambition, implying it could spell disaster not just for the White House but for the Senate and House too. Decades of consequences lie ahead if Biden’s Titanic of a campaign continues to hit every iceberg in the political ocean.

Democrats scramble to downplay the internal chaos, but Nate Silver’s Op-Ed in The New York Times spills the beans: it’s not the Democratic agenda that’s turning voters off, it’s Biden himself. Silver’s thorough data dive reveals that Democratic candidates might be casually liked by swing-state voters, but Biden? He’s the choleric uncle everyone’s avoiding on family Zoom calls.

Mark the calendar; the Fourth of July recess is when Democratic lawmakers anticipate fielding uncomfortable questions from constituents. Paul Begala, on CNN, accentuated these fears, suggesting voters are ready to scream, “Are you out of your mind?” as Democrats are poised to potentially lose everything to a MAGA-filled future. That image must keep them up at night.

Written by Staff Reports

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