Biden’s Debate Struggles Spur Speculation on Possible Exit Paths

Joe Biden’s recent actions have sparked speculation among political circles regarding his next moves. Following his lackluster performance in the recent debate debacle, Biden is now seeking advice from top Democrats. Is he considering stepping aside and passing the torch to Kamala Harris? Or is he exploring alternative candidates for the upcoming elections?

Reports have emerged that Biden reached out to Capitol Hill Democrats, including House Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, in an attempt to reassure them of his reelection campaign’s viability. Additionally, he has had discussions with key figures such as former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and close ally Jim Clyburn.

As Biden engages in these conversations behind closed doors, Democrats are facing a growing dilemma. While party leaders like Schumer, Jeffries, and Clyburn publicly express support for the president, there are concerns within their caucuses about Biden’s ability to connect with voters and handle unscripted situations.

The pressure for Biden to increase his public presence and address tough questions is mounting. However, the reality is that each public appearance only highlights his cognitive decline more prominently. It has become increasingly evident that Biden is struggling to perform at the level required for a presidential candidate. 


Democrats are at a crossroads as they navigate the question of Biden’s future in the race. The prospect of moving forward with a visibly faltering candidate poses significant risks for the party, especially with Donald Trump strategically refraining from direct attacks and allowing Biden’s own shortcomings to unravel.

The challenge for Democrats now is determining how to handle the Biden conundrum and whether they will take decisive action to address the growing concerns surrounding his candidacy.

Written by Staff Reports

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