Biden Sees Slim Poll Boost Amid Calls to Step Down, Trails Trump in Support

President Biden, bless his heart, seems to have found a rare bit of good news in a sea of failures. According to a new Reuters/Ipsos poll, Biden somehow managed to eke out a slight bump in support despite what can only be described as a disastrous debate performance. It’s a little like finding a silver lining in a thundercloud the size of Texas. Still, a whopping 32% of Democrats are practically begging him to step aside and let someone younger take the reins before he drives their party off a cliff.

The poll presents a strange scenario: Biden and former President Donald Trump find themselves neck-and-neck at 40% among registered voters. For those keeping score, this is a 2-point improvement for Biden, who was trailing Trump 41% to 39% in June. Perhaps his handlers found a way to keep him awake long enough to make it through a news cycle.

However, the elephant in the room—or rather, the donkey in the room—is that an eye-popping 59% of Democrats think Biden is simply too old to continue in government. No surprise there, considering that 83% of Democrats and an astonishing 97% of Republicans felt Biden “stumbled” and “showed his age” during that 90-minute debate. By comparison, Trump, not exactly a spring chicken himself at 78, had a decidedly stronger showing with just 58% of Democrats and a laughable 11% of Republicans thinking he flubbed it.

It’s a real mixed bag for Biden. On one hand, this poll indicates that his performance didn’t drastically harm his voter base. On the other, it underscores the harsh reality that support within his own party is eroding faster than California’s tax base. More Democrats are voicing concern that Biden isn’t the man to take on Trump, whose confidence appears unshakable.

Worse still for Biden, the only Democrat who outshines him in a hypothetical face-off against Trump isn’t even running—Michelle Obama. She leads Trump 50% to 39%, showing that the Democrats’ best hope might prefer a permanent vacation. Vice President Kamala Harris doesn’t offer much solace either, trailing Trump 42% to 43%, a dead heat within the poll’s margin of error but hardly a cause for celebration.

So there you have it, folks. The Democratic Party is gagging on the bitter pill of Biden’s presidency as they search frantically for a lifeline. If these polls are any indication, they might be realizing too late that they’ve hitched their wagon to a falling star.

Written by Staff Reports

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