Ari Emanuel Calls Out Biden’s Debate, Warns Donors Fleeing to Congressional Races

Hollywood big shot Ari Emanuel is sounding the alarm bells for Democrats post-Joe Biden’s disastrous debate performance, warning that donors are abandoning ship and diverting their cash to Congressional races instead.

Emanuel, CEO of Endeavor, didn’t mince words when he declared Biden as unfit to lead, likening him to a geriatric driver struggling to stay on course. In a colorful outburst at an event in Aspen, Emanuel didn’t hold back on his assessment of the situation, exclaiming, “We’re in fuck city!”

The super-agent didn’t shy away from pointing fingers at Biden’s team, blaming them for concealing the president’s evident cognitive decline and calling out Biden’s failure to keep his word about serving just one term. According to Emanuel, this broken promise is just the tip of the iceberg in the campaign of deception orchestrated by Biden and his cronies.

With regards to Democratic donors, Emanuel painted a grim picture, indicating a mass exodus of funds towards Congressional and Senate campaigns. He emphasized the legal implications of such a move, hinting at potential trouble ahead for the Biden camp.

In the face of mounting criticism and internal discord, Biden remains resolute in his decision to soldier on, setting the stage for a potential clash within the Democratic party as tensions rise in the lead-up to the convention in Chicago.

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