Leaked Memo Shows Biden’s Support Crumbling in Key Battleground States

A leaked internal Democratic polling memo has revealed that President Joe Biden’s poor debate performance has sent shockwaves through his campaign, with support plummeting in key battleground states. The memo, put together by OpenLabs, a progressive nonprofit, indicates that Biden’s standing has significantly deteriorated post-debate, putting states like New Hampshire, Virginia, and New Mexico in play for Donald Trump.

Within days of the debate, the poll showed a notable increase in the percentage of 2020 Biden voters calling for him to end his campaign. Swing voters are also turning away from Biden, with a majority now suggesting he should exit the race. The polling data suggests a concerning trend for the Biden camp, with several states that were previously considered safe now showing much tighter margins.

Post-debate, Biden’s lead in Colorado, Minnesota, and Maine has narrowed significantly, while he now faces deficits in New Mexico and Virginia. Trump has even surged ahead in New Hampshire by nearly three points. When these state polls are factored into the electoral map, it paints a dire picture for Biden, with Trump projected to win by a landslide.

The situation is so precarious for Biden that calls for him to drop out are growing louder, with reports indicating that at least 25 House Democrats are considering publicly urging him to step aside. The New York Times has suggested replacing Biden with Vice President Kamala Harris, despite her own dismal polling numbers prior to the debate. However, the idea of switching candidates at this stage is fraught with political risks and legal complexities for the Democratic Party.

As the Biden campaign struggles to control the narrative and gaslight the situation, the prospect of a Harris-led ticket remains uncertain. While some view Harris as a potential alternative, her unpopularity and lackluster polling against Trump raise doubts about her ability to secure a victory. Nonetheless, the specter of a candidate swap lingers, casting a shadow of uncertainty over the already turbulent 2024 election cycle.

Written by Staff Reports

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