Federal Judge Rejects Biden’s Title IX Rule on Gender Identity and Sexual Orientation

A federal judge recently delivered a blow to Joe Biden’s Department of Education over its interpretation of Title IX to include “gender identity” and “sexual orientation.” The rule, which aimed to protect against sex-based harassment and discrimination, was deemed contrary to law and lacking congressional authority by Judge John W. Broomes of the US District Court for the District of Kansas.

Judge Broomes found the rule to be a violation of the Constitution’s spending clause and First Amendment, as well as arbitrary and capricious under the Administrative Procedure Act. He pointed out that the purpose of Title IX was originally to protect biological women in education, making it a stretch to include gender identity and sexual orientation under the law.

The judge’s ruling highlighted the overreach of the Department of Education in redefining sex discrimination and imposing significant changes on schools without clear authorization from Congress. The decision adds to a series of court injunctions against the Department’s expansive interpretation of Title IX in various states.

As we witness the pushback against Biden’s administration’s overreach, this latest ruling serves as a reminder of the need to rein in government agencies like the Department of Education. With the end of the Biden era in sight, conservatives can hope for a return to common sense and a reevaluation of federal regulations that undermine the original intent of laws like Title IX.

Written by Staff Reports

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