Congressman Lloyd Doggett Leads Dems Calling for Biden to Step Down Before 2024 Election

Lone Star State Congressman Lloyd Doggett has openly called for President Biden to resign, something that no other Democratic lawmaker has the courage to do. It seems that he is not isolated. A Reuters article claims that more than twenty House Democrats are getting ready to accompany him in letting old Joe go.

The DNC offices were practically letting out a collective sigh of relief. According to a recent Reuters/Ipsos post-debate study, one in three Democrats would rather see Biden give up on the re-election circus. This is the unpleasant truth. Breaking: Contributors, pundits, and editorial boards have cornered them, fearing that, should Biden continue to be their standard-bearer, a Trump victory in November is all but inevitable.

There are whispers circulating that 25 Democratic House members are preparing to pull off the coup de grâce in the event that Biden becomes even more unsteady in the next few days. One Democratic staffer claims that this week, voters are grilling moderate House Democrats who are embroiled in close races—those annoying "frontliners"—by their constituents. There's growing pressure that may become unbearable.

Word from a different Democratic aide in the House describes shattered dreams and broken dams. They are finding it more and more difficult to support the claim that Biden is a fine violinist. However, some close to the president, such as White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre, have downplayed his terrible debate performance, characterizing it as a one-night flub rather than an indication of his mental state. The editorial board of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution deemed such idealistic thinking to be outright offensive to the people of the United States.

Biden might be best served by exiting the stage with elegance. After over forty years in the Senate, eight years as vice president, and one stint in the White House, even ardent fans are beginning to admit that Father Time is winning this race. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution editorial board essentially sounded the death knell for Biden's political career, advising him to step down quietly in order to preserve his remaining dignity.

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