Democrats Waver on Harris as Biden Stumbles in Debate

Democratic heavyweights are in a tizzy following President Joe Biden’s lackluster debate showing, leaving donors apprehensive about Vice President Kamala Harris stepping up as the top candidate. Turns out, even the party bigwigs are questioning Harris’ allure, and donors are less than thrilled about her potential promotion.

Consultations with major Democratic donors reveal unease about Harris. Former Clinton aide James Carville has been bending the ears of donors to Democratic Super PAC American Bridge, which is notorious for its anti-Trump crusades. Carville insists that the 72% wanting a change should get it, urging donors to hold back support from campaigns not aligned with their wishes. He humorously warns he’ll block donors on his phone if they don’t heed his advice.

Paul Begala, another Clinton-era consul, also threw his two cents in, reminding everyone that swing voters find Harris less palatable than even a comatose Joe Biden. He asserts that Biden’s age is well-known but Harris could be the real hurdle. If Biden has to step aside, it could be game over with Harris leading the ticket.

Still, some Democrats cling to the hope that Harris can rally key parts of their coalition, like black women and progressives who currently lack enthusiasm for Biden. They point to a CNN poll showing 22% of voters are ambivalent about Harris, suggesting she might still win hearts and minds within the party and among independents.

Carville acknowledges that Biden’s debate disaster, occurring five months before the election, might be a blessing in disguise. He suggests it offers the party time to regroup and perhaps even grandstand at a later date.

Perhaps by sheer Democratic party magic, they might be looking back on this episode in November with a laugh, saying it pulled them together better than they ever thought. Carville’s hoping the Zoom call crowd will be toasting to their unexpected success come November 10.

Written by Staff Reports

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