Democrats Panic Behind Closed Doors as Biden Campaign Faces Collapse

In the latest breakdown of the Biden Campaign Collapse Tracker, it seems like the palace intrigue on Capitol Hill is reaching a boiling point. Reports indicate that even Democrats are starting to panic behind closed doors. One unnamed Democratic lawmaker expressed concern over the Praetorian Guard surrounding Biden and the limited circle of advisors, including the infamous Hunter Biden, who seem to have the President’s ear.

Notably, Rep. Vicente Gonzalez from Texas openly referred to the election as “old versus crazy,” highlighting the lack of enthusiasm within Biden’s own party. With calls for Biden to drop out coming from safe district Democrats like Lloyd Doggett and Jared Golden, it’s becoming increasingly clear that even within his own party, doubts about Biden’s ability to win are surfacing.

The meeting of House Democrats focused on political messaging reportedly turned into a gripe session about Biden, with members expressing frustration and doubt towards the President and his team. Axios reported that Biden was mockingly referred to as the “donkey in the room,” indicating the lack of confidence in his leadership among Democrats on the Hill.

As more congressional Democrats are hinted to join the chorus calling on Biden to step down, it seems like the once confident candidate is now facing serious challenges from within his own party. With Biden’s strength supposed to be his ability to navigate Capitol Hill and pass crucial legislation, it’s ironic that the very place where he built his career might now be the source of his downfall.

Written by Staff Reports

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