Democratic Party in Chaos as Biden Debate Blunders Threaten 2024 Hopes

The Democratic Party is in an absolute tailspin after President Joe Biden's latest debate disaster, sending the party into a frenzy just four months before the November election. Never one to miss an opportunity to defy reality, Biden continues to claim that only divine intervention would convince him to bow out of the race. Meanwhile, his party is desperately trying to oust him by the end of the week.

The Democrats are finally being forced to confront the obvious: Biden's deteriorating health is impossible to ignore after his recent string of public blunders. Major donors are voicing their concerns, threatening to pull funding unless the 81-year-old president steps aside. Panic is spreading to the ranks in Congress, with members fearing for their own political futures and the nation's state.

On Capitol Hill, anxiety is palpable. A House Democrat confided to Axios that come Monday, it's going to hit the fan. The party's strategists know they're sunk if Biden doesn't quit. Everyone not on Biden's payroll can see the writing on the wall: keeping him in the race spells disaster, especially with nearly 80 percent of Americans agreeing he's too old for the job.

Despite the mounting pressure, Biden remains stubbornly in the race against former President Donald Trump, vowing over the phone to spend more time engaging with voters at town halls and press conferences. The Democrats, however, seem to be running their own campaign behind his back. Over the weekend, House Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries met with top committee Democrats to evaluate Biden's 2024 chances after his unsettling debate performance.

Top Democrats are holding their breath, hoping Biden will step down by Friday. Their dream scenario sees them re-strategizing to block Trump's return with a new candidate. But swapping Biden out presents a legal and logistical nightmare. Unless they fall back on Vice President Kamala Harris, the Biden campaign's treasury won't be available for a new candidate, thanks to campaign finance rules. Plus, polls show that Harris and other potential candidates are also floundering against Trump.

A new Reuters/Ipsos survey underscores the Democratic dilemma; a third of voters, including 32 percent of Democrats, are clamoring for Biden to drop out. The poll spells grim news for the party, even with a new candidate. In hypothetical races, Trump narrowly beats Harris and decisively defeats California Gov. Gavin Newsom, revealing a deep chasm in Democrat hopes for 2024.

Adding to the Democratic woes, even left-leaning media are voicing concerns. The Washington Post ran a front-page story highlighting high-profile donors who pointed out the prevailing sentiment: for every ten Democrats wanting Biden out, only one wants him to stay. Several Democratic Representatives are also publicly calling for Biden to abandon the race, signaling a party in full-blown crisis mode.

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