Jill Biden Tours Three States in One Day as Campaign Struggles

First lady Jill Biden is making the rounds in Wilmington, North Carolina; Tampa, Florida; and Columbus, Georgia, in a whirlwind attempt to energize the faltering Biden campaign. Yes, that’s three states in one day, according to Biden’s reelection team—clearly, she’s busier than the president trying to keep his seat.

Despite her high-profile escapades, Mrs. Biden is drawing mixed reviews. Some appreciate her efforts, but others are beginning to question whether her loyalty is simply masking the need for Biden to gracefully exit stage left. Even the observer from across the pond at the Sunday Times hinted that perhaps she should be more concerned about preserving a shred of dignity for her husband rather than strapping him to a campaign that’s unraveling faster than a cheap sweater.

Adding salt to the wound, articles from The Atlantic to the New York Times are fueling speculation about Biden’s future. Critics are vocal, and the chorus is growing louder: calls for Biden to step down are mounting like liberal spending bills. Questions about his health and his viability as a candidate are plastered across media platforms, with even the supposedly loyal CNN casting doubt after his tepid ABC interview.

When Congress reconvenes, it could be akin to the proverbial dam breaking. The Axios pundit Mike Allen likened Democratic lawmakers’ emotions to moving from shock, to sadness, to outright rage. The real fireworks will begin when they start plotting in person—similar to a poorly organized left-wing protest.

Meanwhile, the Rasmussen Reports poll revealed a resounding defeat for Biden in last week’s debate against former President Trump. According to the survey, 57% of likely voters believe Trump emerged victorious—unsurprisingly. Biden’s debate performance left many Democrats considering an audacious pivot to another candidate, further validating conservative suspicions about his weakening grip on both the party and reality.

On a separate note, in the socialist utopia of Colorado, taxpayers are now footing the bill for the first two years of college tuition for students whose families earn under $90,000. This charm offensive, spearheaded by Governor Jared Polis, might seem generous until one considers the $40 million annual price tag for Colorado taxpayers. Polis frames this colossal giveaway as a bipartisan effort to expand access to higher education, which is just leftist speak for spreading the wealth around.

Ultimately, the real question is not about how much Jill Biden can campaign or how many states she can jet across in one day. The pressing issue is whether she can delay the inevitable: the collapse of a campaign that’s running on empty and the compelling need for a generational change within the Democratic ranks. The American people are watching, and come November, they just might send the Bidens packing for good.

Written by Staff Reports

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