Democrat’s Feeble Defense of Hunter Probe Collapses Spectacularly!

In a recent exchange, ABC News anchor Jon Karl confronted Democratic Congressman Ro Khanna about the Hunter Biden IRS scandal. Khanna was asked if he was concerned about the allegations made by IRS whistleblowers that the investigation into Hunter Biden was influenced by individuals with political motivations. These whistleblowers claim that Attorney General Merrick Garland lied to Congress when he stated that David Weiss, a US attorney, had full discretion over the investigation and the decision to press charges.

Khanna initially responded with a typical Democrat stance, stating that President Biden had the power to remove Weiss but chose not to, implying that this was a normal practice. However, Karl pushed back, pointing out that the whistleblowers have contradicted Weiss’s authority over the case. Khanna then gave an interesting reply, suggesting that if Weiss himself admitted to interference, he would be concerned.

What Khanna conveniently ignored is the existence of a letter from Weiss to Congress, where he actually confirms the claims made by the whistleblowers. In the letter, Weiss admits that his charging authority is limited to his home district, revealing that he does not have special attorney status and his investigation scope is restricted. This directly contradicts Khanna’s assumption that Weiss had complete authority.

It’s quite amusing to see Khanna dodge the reality of the situation and continue to defend President Biden and his administration. The facts are clear – Weiss himself admits to not having full authority, and yet Khanna chooses to disregard this important information. It’s evident that Democrats like Khanna will go to great lengths to protect their own, even when faced with undeniable evidence.

This whole Hunter Biden IRS affair is just another example of the corruption and dishonesty plaguing the Biden administration. It’s no surprise that they would try to downplay the allegations and deflect criticism. It’s truly disappointing to see elected officials like Khanna prioritize partisan loyalty over the truth and the interests of the American people. We deserve better.

Written by Staff Reports

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