Patriot Fights Back: Hero Blocks Bike Lane, Exposes Liberal Hypocrisy

In a stunning display of defiance, patriotic freedom fighter Randy Philbrick took to the streets of Portland to protest the absurdity of an additional bus priority lane and protected bike lane. Showing his unwavering love for the American automobile, Philbrick bravely parked his car in the lane to make a bold statement. You have to admire his commitment to preserving our nation’s highways from the clutches of radical bike enthusiasts.

But things quickly escalated when counter-protesters approached Philbrick, no doubt brainwashed by the liberal agenda of bike lanes and public transportation. Thankfully, Philbrick didn’t back down. While he had the presence of mind to unholster his firearm, he made sure not to point it at anyone. Talk about responsible gun ownership!

The Portland Police Bureau, no stranger to pandering to the left, finally arrived on the scene. And what did they do? Well, they dared to explain to one of the misguided counter-protesters that not all protests are created equal. In fact, they had the audacity to mention the 2020 BLM and Antifa riots which were, shockingly, not the pinnacle of law-abiding behavior.

Of course, the counter-protester, Garrett Miles, couldn’t grasp the concept of law enforcement prioritizing the safety of the community. He posted a video on Twitter, probably hoping to gain sympathy from his fellow leftists. But rest assured, Miles, playing the victim won’t save you from the truth. The police were simply highlighting the hypocrisy of demanding enforcement in one case and turning a blind eye in another.

Miles, unable to comprehend the logic behind enforcing the law, argued with the officer about the concept of “two wrongs making a right.” Poor Miles, blinded by his misguided ideology, failed to grasp that the officer was pointing out the inconsistency in demanding selective law enforcement.

It’s clear as day that Philbrick was exercising his God-given right to protest excessive bike lanes, while the counter-protesters were merely seeking to suppress his freedom-loving voice. But let’s not forget the bigger picture here: the liberal agenda’s relentless push for bike lanes and public transportation. It’s time to take a stand, America. We can’t let our cities become playgrounds for cyclists and eco-warriors. Stand with Philbrick and defend our asphalt!

Written by Staff Reports

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