Hunter Biden Legal Panic: DOJ Cover-Up Exposed, Garland’s Impeachment Looms!

It’s no surprise that Hunter Biden’s lawyers are in a panic. They either believe that their client is facing a serious legal problem, or they are working incredibly hard to earn their high hourly rates. The media is starting to catch on to this, and it seems that something is fishy is going on.

The whistleblower's testimony about the IRS has been deemed credible, and this is bad news for Joe Biden's son Hunter. The Justice Department and the FBI have been trying to spin the story about the investigation into the president's son. Attorney General Garland had said that Hunter could be charged, but it turns out he was lying. David Weiss, the US Attorney for Delaware, was also blocked from doing so by multiple courts.

The IRS removed its task force investigating Hunter's finances after the Durham Report revealed the lack of evidence regarding Donald Trump's connections to Russia. Now, it’s been revealed that the Department of Justice interfered with the investigation for political reasons, potentially implicating Joe Biden.

Gary Shapley, an IRS agent who went on record to tell CBS News about the political interference, could be in the middle of hearings related to the impeachment of Garland. The press office of the Biden administration is furious at the questions that are being asked about this matter, and it's clear that they're going to do anything to protect themselves.

Hunter Biden's lawyers are trying to discredit Shapley by accusing him of violating the law by leaking information to the Washington Post. They're running out of options, and they're resorting to attacking the people who could harm them. Unfortunately, their plan backfired when Shapley responded by saying that he was not the source of the article.

In response to the media's questions about the investigation, Shapley's lawyers asked the Washington Post to release all of the communications that they had with him. This is a clear message that he's not hiding, and he's accusing the Biden family of lying. Hunter's lawyers are only concerned with protecting their client.

The truth is finally coming out, and the media and the Department of Justice are no longer able to control the narrative. It's clear that there's a cover-up going on within the department, and it'll soon be revealed why US Attorney General Garland lied to Congress about how Weiss was able to bring charges against Congressman Hunter.

Source: Townhall

Written by Staff Reports

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