Target Bans Levin’s Book, Peddles Satanic Trans Kidswear Instead!

Retail giant Target has once again proven its commitment to pandering to the left by reportedly dropping conservative radio host Mark Levin’s new book, ‘The Democrat Party Hates America.’ According to Levin, Target claimed that the book’s title might offend some of their precious Democratic customers. Can you believe it? It seems like the era of corporatist leftwing censorship has officially begun.

But hold on just a minute! While Target is quick to distance itself from a book that challenges the Democrats, they seem to have a different approach when it comes to promoting satanic transgender-themed clothing. Last month, Target faced massive backlash from customers when they introduced their trans gear aimed at children. Yes, you heard that right, children. Thankfully, the store eventually made some adjustments to their “LGBTQ” inventory because apparently, even Target draws the line somewhere.

The items that Target was forced to remove included LGBT-themed apparel and accessories with an occult and satanic aesthetic. It’s truly shocking that a major retailer like Target would even consider selling clothing with horned skulls, pentagrams, and other satanic occult images. But hey, at least they’re willing to listen to the concerns of their customers when it comes to satanic fashion, right?

But it doesn’t stop there. Target has also faced criticism for their LGBT-type accessories and their attempt to sexualize young children. They were called out for selling a series of books designed for children as young as two years old, with titles like ‘Pride 1, 2, 3’ and ‘I’m Not a Girl.’ I guess Target believes it’s never too early to indoctrinate our children with their radical agenda.

Let’s not forget about the Pride Collection featuring 2,000 separate products. From mugs labeled “gender fluid” to calendars with the tagline “queer all year,” it’s clear that Target is trying to push an agenda that goes against traditional values. And let’s not overlook the women’s swimsuit labeled as “tuck friendly,” which refers to trans women who have not yet transitioned. It’s all just a little too much, even for those of us with a strong stomach.

So there you have it. Target is more than happy to cater to the left’s demands, removing a book that criticizes the Democrats while simultaneously promoting satanic fashion and sexualizing young children. It’s just another example of the liberal bias that permeates our society, and one more reason to shop elsewhere. I, for one, will be boycotting Target and supporting conservative authors like Mark Levin, whose book you can still find elsewhere.

Source: Daily Fetched

Written by Staff Reports

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