Democrats Pin Hopes on Michelle Obama as Polls Show Weak Field Against Trump

The desperation of the Democratic Party to find a candidate with even a sliver of a chance against former President Donald Trump continues to reach new heights. As the Biden presidency flounders and his debate performances leave much to be desired, liberal dreamers seem to have found their next potential savior in none other than former First Lady Michelle Obama. A recent Reuters/Ipsos poll revealing a potential Obama candidacy shows that she could beat Trump with 50% of the vote compared to his 39%. But let’s not start celebrating just yet, Democrats.

First off, the poll is as biased as Biden’s teleprompter. With only 1,070 U.S. residents surveyed, it’s hardly a comprehensive snapshot of the American electorate. Plus, heavily skewed samples are likely to produce outcomes leaning left. But even these shaky numbers reveal an interesting trend: apart from Michelle Obama, not a single other Democratic candidate tops Trump. Kamala Harris, Gavin Newsom, Gretchen Whitmer, Andy Beshear, and J.B. Pritzker all fall behind Trump in head-to-head matchups. It seems the Democrats are in a tight spot if they’re banking on a woman who has repeatedly expressed no desire to run for office.

Imagine being so desperate that your best hope in 2024 is someone who openly loathes politics. Mrs. Obama has often stated her disdain for the political world, and her comments earlier in the year about being “terrified” of Trump winning a second term won’t calm the nerves of the anxious Democratic base. Is it really wise to pin hopes on someone practically ambivalent about the very nature of the job? And let’s not ignore the elephant in the room that as soon as Obama enters the political arena, her support could start evaporating faster than a lick of ice cream in July.

Here’s the cherry on top: if Michelle Obama were to miraculously get elected and then step down after a photoshoot presidency, handing her seat to a Democratic placeholder, it would be the grandest case of political bait-and-switch ever seen. Democrats might feel elated in the short term, but talk about a surefire way to lose credibility faster than Joe Biden forgets his train of thought. Such fanciful scenarios barely make for good political theatre, let alone real-life strategy.

Perhaps, liberals should instead focus on reality instead of banking on wishful thinking and charismatic figureheads. The polls might show a preliminary boost, but as we advance towards 2024, those poll numbers will likely fluctuate, especially when juxtaposed against actual policy decisions and political competence. Speaking of polls, let’s not forget another revealing bit: other more comprehensive polls, like those from the New York Times/Siena College and the Wall Street Journal, show Trump with a significant lead over Biden, which means the Democratic scrambling could be more about optics than substance.

While Democrats fixate on some fantastical Michelle Obama candidacy, conservatives are gearing up for a battle grounded in reality and with a proven track record. The 2024 elections are around the corner, and it looks like the Democrats might need more than just poll numbers and wishful thinking to break their losing streak.

Written by Staff Reports

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