Biden’s Debate Disaster Sparks Unrest Among Top Democrats and Donors

President Joe Biden’s latest political faceplant in the debate against Donald Trump might just be the final straw. The former president effortlessly outshined Biden, exposing his age and mental limitations for all to see. No amount of mollycoddling from the CNN moderators could salvage Biden’s performance. Biden appeared disconnected, sluggish, and mentally depleted. It was an undeniable showing of a man who seemed unfit for the presidency, and the polls quickly reflected that disastrous sentiment.

Over the weekend, the murmurs for Biden to step aside turned into a resounding chorus. Top donors, powerful activists, and prominent Democrats on Capitol Hill began calling for Biden’s replacement. Even Obama hinted to his inner circle that Biden’s path to victory had turned into a tightrope act, possibly made impossible after that debate debacle. Still, a majority of Democrats, at least on paper, cling to Biden more out of fear of further chaos than any real support for his leadership. Despite Biden’s bold declaration echoing Wolf of Wall Street’s famous “I’m not leaving,” he reportedly swings between standing his ground and contemplating a retreat, haunted by the realization that his debate misstep might be irreparable.

Inside the White House, Biden has been juggling conflicting advice from aides, family members, and political allies. His conversations have alternated from admitting that the fallout from the debate could be unbeatable to dismissing any notion of bowing out of the race. With faces like First Lady Jill Biden and Hunter Biden urging staff shakeups in a desperate attempt to revive his stumbling campaign, even the Biden clan can’t seem to agree on the best course of action.

Fingers are pointing and heads are on the chopping block, with some in the Biden family eyeing senior advisers like Anita Dunn and even Biden’s personal lawyer Bob Bauer. The blame game within the private discussions only worsens as anxiety spills over. Yet, the loudest voices—Biden’s own family—staunchly reject any suggestion that he quit the race, reinforcing his instincts to fight against the growing call to step aside, despite undeniable data pointing to the damage his debate performance has inflicted.

Amidst the chaos, the president started reaching out to Democratic Party leaders, seeking support as calls for his departure amplified. Former President Obama’s advice didn’t go down well, potentially deepening an existing rift. Ever since Obama advised against his 2016 run, Biden’s resentment hasn’t cooled. Obama, seeing Biden’s inadequacy for the role, didn’t mince words in private, questioning his influence over Biden should the Democratic leadership decide to push for an exit.

The reporting hints at a disconnection, suggesting Biden rarely engages with congressional leadership. The Obama-Biden saga adds to the unfolding drama, revealing Obama’s skepticism about Biden’s competency from the start. Biden’s tenure is increasingly viewed as merely riding an anti-Trump wave rather than a true victory. Consequently, this orchestrated campaign to nudge him out, coupled with Biden’s own indecisiveness, teeters on a knife edge. Winning a national race isn’t easy when three-quarters of the country thinks you’re too old and feeble for the job.

Written by Staff Reports

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