Trump Stays Silent, Gains Edge as Biden Struggles in Debate

As the Democratic Party implodes over President Joe Biden’s dreadful debate performance, former President Donald Trump did something extraordinary: he kept quiet and enjoyed the spectacle. Trump’s team only chimed in by reminding voters that any Democratic nominee would be stuck defending Biden’s failed policies and shaky presidency — even Kamala Harris, with her ever-charming laughter.

Trump’s discretion paid off, putting him firmly in control of the 2024 presidential race. Polls show he’s a slight favorite even against the top Democratic contenders who might replace Biden. At the debate, Trump attacked Biden as often as CNN’s biased rules allowed but mostly stood back and watched Biden fumble.

This disciplined Trump campaign is largely the work of chiefs Chris LaCivita and Susie Wiles. Despite Trump’s unorthodox ways, he contributed by sticking closer to the script than ever before. His prepared remarks smoothly transitioned into his famous ad-libs, and he delivered a consistent message: Biden’s presidency is a disaster, and Trump’s first term was a triumph. On topics like abortion, Trump masterfully distanced himself from a federal ban while still standing to the right of Democrats, citing the reversal of Roe v. Wade as a victory.

The CNN debate rules, intended to muzzle Trump, ultimately gave him structure and prevented a repeat of his overly aggressive 2020 debate performance. Thanks to this format, the spotlight was on Biden’s stammering and inability to articulate a clear thought. Trump’s limited court appearances, thanks to the New York hush-money trial among other legal proceedings, kept him in the headlines without oversaturation.

Cable news networks’ strategy to deny Trump free media coverage by not airing his rallies in full has backfired. Trump’s most colorful comments are now reserved for enthusiastic crowds on his Truth Social platform, rather than being taken out of context by mainstream media. This has only strengthened his position, contrasting sharply with Biden’s ongoing debacle.

Trump’s steady approach might seem out of character, but it’s proving effective. He remains undeniably outspoken, testing new material like a stand-up comic. However, minor adjustments and letting Biden’s errors steal the spotlight are keeping Trump in the driver’s seat as the 2024 election looms.

Written by Staff Reports

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