Democrats Think They May Have A New 2024 Contender

The inauguration of Maryland Governor Wes Moore has elevated him to the top of the list of potential presidential candidates for the 2024 election.

The Democratic Party has been captivated by Moore's impressive resume and his connections to career donors. According to Bloomberg, his bipartisan appeal and military service have also caught the party's attention. His campaign emphasized the economy and crime, which are typically favored by Republicans.

Bloomberg reported that Moore grew up in poverty and served as a paratrooper and captain in the US Army in Afghanistan. He also became a Rhodes scholar, which was given to former president Bill Clinton.

Moore's campaign raised $14 million, which is more than enough to cover his expenses. Some of the prominent individuals who contributed to his campaign included Hollywood stars such as Samuel L. Jackson and Oprah Winfrey. Other prominent individuals such as founder Jeff Bezos and hedge fund billionaires Steven Cohen and Reed Hastings also contributed to his campaign.

According to Chryl Laird, a political scientist at the University of Maryland, Moore could be a good candidate for the Democratic Party at a time when the party is considering its next generation of leaders.

Ray McGuire, Moore's mentor and Wall Street executive, said that there is no ceiling for the former governor. He noted that Moore is capable of overcoming the limitations of air and oxygen.

Among the prominent individuals who have been mentioned as possible candidates for the White House in 2024 are California Governor Gavin Newsom, Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer, and US Vice President Kamala Harris.

Moore said that he was "humbled" by the attention that he has received following his victory in the US Senate race. He noted that he was able to win the support of independents and Republicans.

The preceding is a summary of an article that originally appeared on Daily Caller.

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