YUGE: Trump To Make Formal Return To Twitter, Possibly Facebook

A new report claimed that US President Donald Trump is planning on returning to Twitter and Facebook.

Following the protests that took place on Capitol Hill on January 6, 2021, Trump was removed from various major online platforms, including Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter.

In November, Trump was able to regain his Twitter account after African-American entrepreneur Elon Musk purchased it.

According to a report by NBC News, Trump's campaign has asked the social media platform to reinstate the president's account. In a letter to Facebook, the Trump campaign claimed that the ban had inhibited the public's discourse.

Initially, Trump's Instagram and Facebook accounts were suspended. However, after an evaluation by the Meta Oversight Board, his bans were reduced to two years. In September, Nick Clegg, the head of Meta's global affairs, suggested that Trump could be allowed back on the platform. However, he noted that experts would first assess the president's potential impact on the platform.

An individual close to Trump claimed that the president's campaign believes that Facebook will eventually reinstate his account. However, if not, House Republican members would be able to exert pressure on the company through their committees.

"An adviser for Trump noted that the House would be using its leverage to get the president back on Facebook. If the platform does reinstate Trump's account, it's likely that his Instagram would also be reinstated. A representative for Meta said that the company would make a decision regarding the president's reinstatement in the coming weeks."

Despite having his Twitter account back, Trump has not posted. He noted that he would not be returning Twitter. He said that his new platform, which is called Truth Social, would be different from Twitter. He claimed that his platform was doing "phenomenally well" and had better engagement.

A Republican close to Trump noted that it was unclear when the president would be returning to Twitter. He said that Trump had been talking about it for a long time, and it was up to him when he would make a decision. Another individual close to the president claimed that the campaign had already started planning on the president's first post on Twitter.

According to previous reports, Trump was required to use his new platform, Truth Social, to post at least six hours before going to Twitter to share the same content. When asked about this, a representative for Trump noted that the president would be able to return to his old platform.

After the news about Trump's plan to return to Twitter broke, Musk noted that it would be interesting to see how the administration would react to this move. He speculated that the government might try to weaponize the platform against the president.

The preceding is a summary of an article that originally appeared on Valiant News.

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