Democrats Urge Biden to Drop Out After Debate Performance Against Trump

In a stunning turn of events, it appears that the shield protecting President Joe Biden from criticism has finally cracked, and the floodgates are opening. Reports indicate that at least 25 House Democrats are gearing up to urge the 81-year-old President to bow out of the race for reelection, following his lackluster performance in a debate against former President Donald Trump.

The House Democrats most at risk of losing their seats in the upcoming election are said to be particularly alarmed by Biden’s shaky display during the debate, with some contemplating drafting a letter to express their concerns directly to the President. Even prominent lawmakers like Rep. Lloyd Doggett and Rep. Jared Golden have publicly suggested that it might be time for Biden to step aside.

Not only are House Democrats wavering in their support, but even Senate Democrat Joe Manchin reportedly teetered on the edge of calling for Biden to withdraw from the race, highlighting the growing unease within the party about Biden’s chances against Trump. The sentiment among some Democrats is clear – Trump is poised to win, and they seem resigned to that outcome. 


The news of this potential mass exodus from Biden’s camp has surely sent shockwaves through his campaign. While Biden and his team are defiant in their stance that he will soldier on, the writing on the wall seems to be spelling out a different story. With key Democrats openly expressing doubts about his viability, it remains to be seen how long Biden can weather this storm of discontent within his own party.

Written by Staff Reports

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