Democratic Leadership in Disarray as Biden’s Mental Acuity Questioned

In the latest edition of the RedState “Morning Minute,” discussions turned towards the apparent confusion surrounding President Biden and his administration. From mix-ups with court rulings to a former NY Times editor slamming the media for not addressing Biden’s mental state sooner, it’s clear that the Democrats are floundering.

Leaked information from a Democratic donor call revealed a sense of panic within the party. They seem to be facing the harsh reality of having a leader who is either “comatose or dead,” leading to desperate measures as they try to salvage their sinking ship.

Meanwhile, as President Biden schedules a lunch with Vice President Kamala Harris and other engagements like a Medal of Honor ceremony and meetings with Democratic governors, one can only wonder how smoothly these interactions will go. With the continuous struggles and lackluster performance from the Biden administration, the future looks bleak. 


Looking ahead, the judiciary scene appears relatively quiet, except for the trial of Sen. Bob Menendez, where a verdict could be looming on the horizon. As the country heads towards the Fourth of July holiday, the nation finds itself in a state of vulnerability, with no clear leader capable of steering the ship in the right direction.

Despite attempts to inject some humor into the situation, the underlying issues remain dire. The nation is facing turbulent times, and the current administration’s shortcomings are leaving many feeling exposed and defenseless. As the Fourth of July approaches, Americans are left wondering who, if anyone, can guide the country back on course.

Written by Staff Reports

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