Media Turns on Biden as Cognitive Decline Becomes Impossible to Ignore

The conservative critique of President Joe Biden’s tenure is scathingly blunt. Calls for Biden to withdraw from the presidential race are dismissed as purely politically driven, as the left-leaning media conveniently shifts their narrative from covering up Biden’s senility to now urging his exit. The recent spotlight on Biden’s cognitive decline, exacerbated by a disastrous debate performance, underscores the media’s role as Biden’s protective shield, only to turn on him when his liabilities became too glaring to ignore. 


The media’s sudden change in tone, from dismissing concerns about Biden’s mental acuity to calling for his replacement, exposes their lack of credibility and further erodes trust in their reporting. The American public, far from surprised by Biden’s struggles, saw through the facade long ago, with polls consistently reflecting doubts about his fitness for office. The media’s about-face post-debate only confirms the artificiality of their previous support for a failing leader.

Beyond the media’s duplicity lies the broader impact of Biden’s presidency. His evident cognitive decline poses a substantial risk to national security, with his limited lucidity windows leaving the country vulnerable during crucial hours. The perception of a weakened America under Biden’s leadership not only emboldens adversaries but also undermines our standing with allies, who view the current administration as emblematic of a nation in decline. 


Domestically, Biden’s policies have wrought havoc, with reckless spending driving inflation and economic instability. The weaponization of federal agencies against political opponents reflects a dangerous abuse of power, epitomizing the authoritarian tendencies of the ruling elite. The Democratic Party’s relentless grip on power at any cost, propping up a failing leader to maintain control, only reinforces the image of a corrupt establishment willing to sacrifice principles for self-preservation.

As the chorus calling for Biden’s departure grows louder, the inherent flaws of a system that prioritizes power over competence are laid bare. The Democrats’ ruthless machinery, indifferent to individuals and consumed by a lust for power, may soon discard Biden, but the stench of his failed presidency will linger as a reminder of a party desperate to cling to authority at all costs.

Written by Staff Reports

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Democratic Leadership in Disarray as Biden’s Mental Acuity Questioned

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