Dems in Crisis: Brutal Poll Numbers Ring Alarm Bells!

The Democrats are starting to feel the heat as they realize that Joe Biden might not win the next election, even if he goes up against his preferred opponent, Donald Trump. With an unpopular incumbent who is eager to run again, a limited timeframe before the nominating process starts, and no clear alternative candidate with a national campaign infrastructure, the Democrats are left with no choice but to go all-in on the Biden basket and hope for the best. They are banking on Trump’s baggage to weigh him down in the general election, but that might not be enough.

Recent polls have revealed some brutal findings for Biden and his party. Only 34% of Americans approve of Biden’s handling of the economy, while a whopping 59% disapprove. Even 76% of independents and 34% of Democrats believe that the economy is worsening. The rising cost of living, specifically food and groceries, is a major concern for 84% of Americans. It’s clear that people are not satisfied with Biden’s approach to the economy, despite his attempts to frame it as “Bidenomics.”

Trump holds a significant lead over Biden on the economy, which is the most important issue for voters. This is concerning, especially since people felt that they were doing better under the previous administration. Independent voters, who are crucial to Trump’s success, favor him by a 20-point margin on the economy. The reason behind the overwhelming belief that the economy is worsening is simple: everything is more expensive since Biden took office.

The inflation boom has caused prices to rise by 17%, and they are still on the rise. Most people believe that Biden’s policies have made things worse, and the White House’s attempts to downplay the increase in prices haven’t helped. Small business owners, who are the backbone of the US economy, also have low opinions of Biden. The rising prices are taking a toll on everyone.

Another factor working against Biden is the question of his age and ability to effectively serve as president. While voters may not view Trump favorably, they don’t see him as too old for the job. On the other hand, Biden, despite being underwater on approval and favorability, is widely seen as unfit for the position. Even though voters criticize Trump’s temperament and character, they would still prefer him to handle a hypothetical crisis over Biden. This is damaging for Democrats.

In addition to all of this, Nancy Pelosi refuses to confirm whether Biden’s unpopular running mate is the best choice to be on the ticket in 2024. And if you take a look at a photograph of an audience at a Biden event, you can see how enthusiastic the self-selecting voters in attendance are about him and his “Bidenomics.” It seems like the Democrats are facing an uphill battle when it comes to turnout and enthusiasm in the upcoming election.

Written by Staff Reports

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