NYC Turns on AOC, Nadler Over Migrant Crisis: Folks Demand Border Closure!


On Friday, members of congress from New York, Jerry Nadler and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, were confronted by a furious crowd following a press conference regarding the illegal immigrant crisis in New York. The event quickly descended into chaos as angry locals confronted them.

Over 100,000 migrants entered New York City in the previous year, which has placed a strain on the city's shelter system. During her press conference, Ocasio-Cortez tried to address the issue by emphasizing the need for more federal resources to help the city deal with the influx of immigrants. Unfortunately, her speech was interrupted by protesters, who voiced their concerns about the health threats that the migrants could pose.

As Nadler tried to address the situation, his attempts to do so were disrupted by the protesters. Although he acknowledged the need for more federal support for the schools in New York City, the protesters still insisted that the officials use absentee ballots to steal their votes.

The incident quickly caught the attention of social media users, such as Michele Tafoya, a conservative podcaster. She called out Ocasio-Cortez for being "hoisted" by her petard. According to Eric Adams, the mayor of New York City, the city is at the brink of experiencing an overwhelming influx of migrants, and he warned that it could destroy the city.

Over 57,000 asylum seekers are currently in the city's shelter system, and over 200 makeshift facilities have been set up. Mayor Adams has requested the federal and state governments to provide the city with additional resources to address the crisis. He estimated that the cost of the situation could reach $12 billion.

According to critics, New York City's right-to shelter policy is only exacerbating the situation by attracting more asylum seekers, which is putting the already strained resources of the city at further risk. The situation in New York City is a reflection of the heightened tensions in the country regarding the influx of migrants. It is not yet clear how the city, its residents, and illegal immigrants will resolve the issue.

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