Rising Trump Popularity Threatens Biden’s 2024 Re-election Hopes: Poll Reveals Why!

The popularity of Donald Trump has increased, which could affect Joe Biden's chances of winning a second term as president in 2024. According to a recent poll conducted by Reuters/Ipsos, voters' concerns about Biden's age and the economy were some of the factors that affected his support.

Trump and Biden are knotted at 39% in a head-to-head matchup, with 20% of undecided voters. In crucial states that will decide the election, Trump edges ahead.

In states that were closely contested in the 2020 presidential election, such as Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Georgia, Trump has gained the support of more voters. He leads Biden by a margin of 41% to 35%, with 24% undecided. It's clear that Trump's message is reaching these voters.

Despite facing various criminal charges, Trump is still considered a strong candidate. He's going to be campaigning in spite of his legal troubles. This shows his determination and dedication.

In 2020, Biden won the support of many independent voters, and he's at risk of losing this group to Trump. The former vice president trails Trump by a few percentage points, with 38% of undecided voters making the race close.

The poll also revealed that many of Biden's supporters, both Republicans and Democrats, believe he's too old to be the country's president. This alarming figure has increased significantly in recent months. In addition, only 56% of the respondents think the same about Trump, and this shows that Biden's health and cognitive fitness are in question.

Around 88% of voters consider crime to be a crucial issue that affects their vote in the presidential election. Republicans are supported by a significant majority of independents, with 34% backing them compared to 22% for Democrats. Americans value their safety and law and order, and they trust the Republicans to handle such problems better.

Despite the Trump administration's claims about the improving economy, 73% of the voters stated that their economic situation is worse now than before the pandemic started. Only 35% expect their financial situation to improve in the following year. Biden's insistence on making the case for economic recovery has failed to resonate with Americans.

A recent poll conducted by the RCP showed that Trump had overtaken Biden, with the former's support slipping by just 0.4 percentage points. The numbers have changed due to Biden's administration facing various issues, such as the pandemic and the economy.

The results show that Trump's approval rating has increased, which raises questions about Biden's viability as the Democratic candidate in 2024. If he can't gain the support of key demographic groups by then, it will be another sign of the decline of the party's base. Despite his white support, Biden's support from other groups, including women and non-white voters, is considered a crucial factor in the race.

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