Dems Panic as No Plan B for Ailing Biden: Could Trump Triumph Again?

Oh boy, it looks like the Democrats are in quite a pickle! According to multiple news outlets, they have no backup plan if President Joe Biden decides not to run for re-election. And honestly, can you blame him? The guy’s 81 years old, his poll numbers are in the dumps, and his campaign has been a disaster. It’s no wonder the Dems are hitting the panic button!

Left-leaning outlet Reuters is reporting that the Democratic Party is scrambling because they have nowhere to turn if their beloved Biden drops out of the race. They spoke to all these fancy officials who are biting their nails and sweating bullets, hoping Biden doesn’t have a health issue or decide he’s had enough of this circus. But let’s be real here, folks. Even if they do manage to find another candidate to replace Biden, can they really stand a chance against former President Trump? Doubtful.

The New York Times even listed all the challenges the Democrats would face if Biden were to drop out. Apparently, candidates need to submit a bunch of paperwork, pay hefty filing fees, and collect a boatload of voter signatures just to appear on each state’s primary ballot. Talk about a headache! It’s already too late for South Carolina and Nevada, and several other states have deadlines that have passed. So even if someone wanted to jump into the race now, they’d be out of luck and stuck playing catch-up.

Democrat strategist Tim Hogan said it best when he called it logistically impossible and a political suicide mission. I couldn’t have said it better myself, Tim! And to make matters worse, a recent poll found that Trump would easily beat potential replacements for Biden like Vice President Kamala Harris or Governor Gavin Newsom. Ouch! It seems like the Democrats are running out of options here.

But the real kicker is the approval ratings. Biden’s at a historic record-low of 40 percent, but guess what? Harris is even lower at a pitiful 39 percent! That’s right, folks. The VP scares absolutely no one. It’s no wonder the Democrats are sweating bullets and praying that Biden at least holds on until the end of his term. Otherwise, they can kiss their chances of winning goodbye.

It’s clear as day that the Democratic Party is in hot water. They put all their eggs in the Biden basket, and now they’re left scrambling for a plan B. Maybe they should’ve thought this through a little better, huh? But hey, as a conservative, I can’t help but find a little joy in their misery. Maybe this will teach them a lesson about putting all their faith in a puppet president. Maybe.

Written by Staff Reports

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