Dems Pounce on Chick-fil-A’s Freedom to Abide by Bible Rules

The New York legislature has introduced a bill that aims to force Chick-fil-A outlets at the state’s rest stops to abandon their longstanding practice of closing on Sundays. The popular fast food chain was awarded 10 locations at the state’s rest stops on the New York Thruway, with full knowledge that the counters would be closed on Sundays to align with the company’s policy. Chick-fil-A’s closure on Sundays is rooted in their commitment to providing their employees with a day of rest, allowing them to spend time with their loved ones and engage in worship if desired.

Left-wing activists in New York, however, have been vehemently opposed to the presence of Chick-fil-A due to its support for what they claim are “anti-LGBT” organizations. Despite the Thruway Authority taking Chick-fil-A’s Sunday policy into account when planning the renovations, these activists have continued their attack on the company based on its religious beliefs.

Democratic Assemblymember Tony Simone of Manhattan, who is leading the charge against Chick-fil-A, has focused primarily on the company’s charitable donations and support for Christian organizations as the motivation behind his actions. He argues that a company that is closed on Sundays, one of the busiest travel days of the week, shouldn’t be the provider of food services at travel plazas.

This bill (A08336) would require all food providers operating at state-operated transportation facilities and rest areas to be open seven days a week. Democratic Senator Michelle Hinchey, another sponsor of the bill, claims that Chick-fil-A’s Sunday closure is an inconvenience, as it puts a strain on the remaining food options at rest stops and leads to longer wait times.

With the state legislature and governor’s office dominated by anti-religious Democrats, it is likely that this attack on Chick-fil-A will succeed. The goal here is to force the company to violate its religious beliefs and disregard the biblical commandment to honor the Lord’s Day. By targeting Chick-fil-A’s religious practices, these Democrats are attacking the company for adhering to its Christian beliefs.

Written by Staff Reports

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