Dems Terrified as GOP Pushes Mayorkas Impeachment Vote

The crisis at the border is wreaking havoc, and it’s clear as day that the Democrats are running scared. While the left is desperate to pin the blame on the GOP for President Biden’s immigration mess, the Republicans aren’t taking the bait. In a surprising and rare moment of wisdom from the party often labeled as the “stupid party,” they’ve forced a vote on impeaching the mastermind behind the border chaos, Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas.

The Democrats are shaking in their boots because they know if they can’t shift the blame to the Republicans, they’re in for a bloodbath in the upcoming elections. They’re even worried that their incompetence might just hand Trump another victory on a silver platter.

Their sneaky plan involves teaming up with open-borders Republicans to cook up an immigration “deal” that’s even worse than the current disaster at the border. If Republicans are foolish enough to fall for it, then they’ll be the ones owning the border crisis. But if they have the sense to reject it, the media will spin it as a brilliant bill that was unfairly turned down by those stubborn Republicans.

But when you take a quick look at the proposed immigration “deal,” it’s clear that it’s an utter joke. This deal would do absolutely nothing to secure the border — and would actually make things a whole lot worse.

For instance, the deal explicitly allows for up to 5,000 illegal immigrants to enter the U.S. every day. That’s a whopping 2 million a year, which is about double the number admitted under Presidents Bush and Obama. It’s like the senate negotiators were playing a game to see if anyone in Congress would bother to read the bill.

It looks like the Republicans are set to kick this monstrosity to the curb, but let’s not pop the champagne just yet. Keeping bad things from happening is just the first step, and it’s the moving the ball forward part where the GOP tends to choke.

Impeaching Mayorkas would actually move the ball forward, but sadly, his impeachment was blocked this week by three dimwitted House Republicans: Ken Buck of Colorado, Mike Gallagher of Wisconsin, and Tom McClintock of California.

The good news is that there’s still a chance to bring up a vote on Mayorkas’ impeachment, and if the Republicans aren’t trying to shoot themselves in the foot, they absolutely should. Over and over and over again.

The Democrats’ control of the media might make it difficult to shed light on the disastrous immigration bill. Republicans need something big to unequivocally prove that, regardless of what individual Democrats say, they’re all rooting for the downfall of America.

The only way to pin the blame for the immigration catastrophe where it belongs is to make the Democrats take a stand and vote on Mayorkas’ impeachment. (Republicans always seem to forget this, but they don’t have the media on their side.)

Biden keeps yapping about how he’s eager to secure the border, if only Congress would pass a law giving him the tools to do so. But wait a minute, hasn’t any previous Congress thought about giving the president authority to stop illegal immigration?

Well, of course they did! In fact, the law requires the president to detain illegal immigrants at the border — even the ones seeking asylum.

Almost none of the “migrants” that Biden is welcoming have a legitimate fear of persecution, which is a requirement for asylum. They’re flocking here for the handouts and criminal opportunities after ruining their own countries.

But even those who are found to have a credible fear of persecution are supposed to be detained until their cases are fully resolved. Under federal law, no illegal immigrants should be getting in.

Mayorkas is brazenly disregarding the law. And those sneaky Democrats are trying to argue that the impeachment efforts are pointless because it’s just a “policy dispute,” not “high crimes and misdemeanors.” Give us a break!

But here’s the thing: you can’t just break the law and then shrug it off by saying you disagree with the policy behind it. That’s exactly what the Democrats, along with three not-so-smart Republicans, are trying to push.

The mainstream media might dismiss the urgency of impeaching Mayorkas, but the truth is that it’s a crucial move to force the Democrats to take unpopular votes. With the upcoming elections looming, it’s high time to make the Democrats squirm and take a stand on their party’s most troubling issue.

Let’s make the Democrats decide: are they going to stand by Mayorkas, the mastermind of this invasion, or are they going to finally put the interests of the American people first? It’s time to hold them accountable and get some real answers.

Written by Staff Reports

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