Dems Unhinged: Plot to Axe Trump from Ballots Exposed

In a scorching rebuke of former President Donald Trump, the author of a recent opinion piece laments the many ways in which Trump has been an absolute disaster for the nation. The writer pulls no punches, criticizing Trump’s post-election behavior and laying blame for the Capitol riot squarely at his feet. However, the author also takes aim at the Democratic Party, arguing that they are engaging in dangerous norms destruction and using questionable tactics to disqualify Trump from the ballot in a few states.

The opinion piece highlights the alleged overreach of prosecutors who are aggressively pursuing charges against Trump, suggesting that their efforts are nothing more than partisan attacks on the former president. The writer points to instances in Colorado and Maine where Trump has been disqualified from the ballot based on what they see as flimsy and manipulative tactics by Democratic appointees and officials. They argue that these decisions are not only corrosive but also laughable coming from a party that claims to be defenders of democracy and voting rights.

The author does not hold back in their condemnation of the Democratic Party’s efforts to exclude Trump from the ballot, characterizing it as an unchecked power grab that could have dangerous implications for the future of elections. They express hope that these decisions will be overturned by the US Supreme Court, anticipating that such a ruling will be met with criticism and delegitimization from the Left. Additionally, the writer highlights polling data showing a stark partisan divide on the issue, with a vast majority of Democrats supporting the disqualification of Trump from ballots, while Republicans overwhelmingly oppose such measures.

The opinion piece also warns of potential retaliation from Republican lawmakers in response to the Democratic Party’s actions, citing Florida Governor Ron DeSantis as having hinted at retaliatory plans. The author contends that the nation is headed towards a destructive path if these actions are not forcefully halted, labeling the Democratic Party as engaging in high-octane hypocrisy by claiming to defend democracy while engaging in what they see as undemocratic practices.

In closing, the writer presents a link to a post on Twitter, adding to the mounting evidence of what they perceive to be the Democrats’ hypocrisy and problematic behavior in seeking to disqualify Trump from presidential ballots.

Written by Staff Reports

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