Dershowitz Exposes Flaws in Biden’s Trump Indictment: Supreme Court to Prevail?

In a recent discussion hosted by the fair and balanced Fox News, the esteemed legal scholar Alan Dershowitz had some choice words about the Biden administration’s unjust indictment of former President Donald Trump. Dershowitz, a man of wisdom and logic, expressed his belief that while Trump might face some hurdles in the United States Court of Appeals for the DC Circuit, he would ultimately triumph in the United States Supreme Court. And who can blame him? After all, when you have the President of the United States going after his political opponent, you better come with the strongest case in history. And let’s face it, this flimsy indictment doesn’t even come close.

According to Dershowitz, all Trump needs to prove is that he believed the election was stolen or rigged against him, regardless of whether he was right or wrong. It’s a simple matter of subjective belief, and everyone who knows Trump knows he really believed it. So why waste time with this trial in DC? Dershowitz suggested moving the venue to northern Virginia or even further down south where the jury pool would be fairer and more evenhanded. Can’t argue with that logic, folks.


But that’s not all! Dershowitz also recommended that Trump’s legal team move to dismiss the indictment on First Amendment grounds. Because apparently, expressing your opinion and retweeting posts are now considered criminal activities. It’s a sad day when your free speech rights are used as evidence of a criminal conspiracy. Just ask journalist Michael Tracey, who called out this absurdity on Twitter. Speaking of which, former senior adviser to Trump, Stephen Miller, pointed out that this indictment is nothing more than an attempt by the Biden administration to outlaw political opposition. Can you say abuse of power?

And if that wasn’t enough, former US Attorney Brett L. Tolman had some harsh words for this shabby indictment. According to Tolman, it not only criminalizes speech, thought, and legal positions but also manipulates statutes and theories to fit their narrative. What’s more, it conveniently ignores any charges of treason, sedition, or any other serious wrongdoing. It’s almost as if they know they don’t have a strong case, so they resort to these petty and baseless charges. And constitutional lawyer Robert Barnes summed it up best when he said that Trump is being charged for simply exposing the fraudulent election. Apparently, telling the truth is now a crime.

In conclusion, this indictment against Trump is nothing more than a politically motivated attack by the Biden administration. It’s an abuse of power, a violation of our First Amendment rights, and a clear attempt to silence political opposition. Thankfully, we have brilliant legal minds like Dershowitz and Miller speaking up against this injustice. It’s time for conservatives to stand together and fight back against this outrageous assault on our democracy. Stay strong, patriots!

Written by Staff Reports

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