DeSantis Bows Out, Endorses Trump: Not All Fans Applaud

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis made headlines recently when he surprised his supporters and dropped out of the Republican primary race, throwing his support behind former President Donald Trump. While many in the political world were thrilled with this turn of events, not everyone was on board with DeSantis’ decision. In fact, some of his online influencers were not shy about expressing their disappointment and frustration.

One influencer, Jenna Ellis, sarcastically questioned the use of “Governor Ron DeSantis” in a statement from the Trump campaign, recalling their past criticisms of the governor. Another influencer, Chris Nelson, retweeted others who declared that they would not vote for Trump, expressing doubt about DeSantis’ recent allegiance to the former president. Similarly, DeSantis adviser Robert Salvador listed his grievances with Trump, making it clear that he and others were not willing to unite behind him.

The sentiment of disappointment and resistance was echoed by several other influencers, who cited past attacks and disagreements with the Trump camp as reasons for their refusal to support the former president. In contrast, some of DeSantis’ allies, including Steve Deace and Christina Pushaw, offered measured support for the governor and expressed their pride in working alongside him.

In the end, DeSantis reiterated his decision to endorse Trump, citing his commitment to support the Republican nominee. Despite the mixed reactions from his influencers, the governor emphasized the need to focus on defeating President Biden in the upcoming election.

Written by Staff Reports

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