DeSantis Dares Kamala, Demands Backup for Her Wild Claims!

In a bold move, Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida has invited Vice President Kamala Harris to visit the state and discuss the newly implemented black history curriculum. Harris has been making inflammatory claims, accusing Florida of teaching children that black people “benefited” from slavery. A conservative CNN panelist called her allegations “completely fabricated.” DeSantis, not one to back down, mocked Harris for her lack of action on the border crisis, a responsibility she was given by President Biden. In a letter to the Vice President, DeSantis highlights Florida’s achievements in education and its commitment to teaching important subjects like reading, writing, arithmetic, science, civics, and history.

He also criticizes the Biden administration for misinforming Americans about Florida’s education system. DeSantis points out that Florida is one of the few states to require standalone African American History standards and questions why the White House cannot applaud this boldness. He then invites Harris to visit Florida and discuss her concerns, even suggesting she brings Randi Weingarten, the far-left head of the teachers union, along. DeSantis ends the letter with a mic drop, expressing his readiness to have a serious conversation on this important issue. While it is unlikely that Harris will respond or back up her claims, this letter shows that DeSantis is not afraid to call out her BS.

Written by Staff Reports

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