Dems Tremble as Archer’s Testimony Shakes Liberal Foundation!

Due to the allegations surrounding the Bidens' business dealings, Democrats are in a stateof panic. According to Devon Archer, he had been in touch with President Biden over 20 times. Even though Hunter Biden had maintained that he had never talked to his associates, Archer's revelation shows that he was involved with international schemes.

According to Archer, Hunter Biden wanted his father to help him with the sale of a corrupt company in Ukraine called Burisma. Back then, Joe Biden was still serving as the vice president. Hunter reportedly made over $80,000 a month while he was on the company's board, and he had asked his father for assistance.

This week, the Archer testimony will be released, and both parties have been discussing its contents. It's also clear that the Democrats are looking into Biden's knowledge of the situation and his frequent interactions with his associates.

Dan Goldman, a Congressman from New Jersey, had been experiencing hallucinations as he was trying to create an explosive story about Joe Biden. Unfortunately, the truth has come out and is affecting the team.

Written by Staff Reports

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