“DeSantis Drops Truth Bombs: Obama Deported More Than Trump & Haley Brought in Syrian Refugees!”

CNN moderated the fifth Republican primary debate, during which former UN Ambassador Nikki Haley and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis displayed their intellect and wit. These two extraordinary candidates addressed critical matters including foreign policy, the economy, and, of course, the legendary Donald Trump.

A stunning claim made by Governor DeSantis during the debate set the record right regarding deportations. He asserted with confidence that "Trump deported fewer individuals during his presidency than Obama did." Indeed, he was correct! A staggering 3.2 million deportations occurred during Obama's first term, as reported by Politifact, in contrast to a mere 2.1 million during his second term. On the contrary, during the tenure of President Trump, the number of deportations fell to a mere 2 million. It is abundantly evident that Trump simply lagged behind in his deportation efforts.

Then again, shall we delve deeper? According to the Cato Institute, a libertarian organization renowned for its astounding statistics and facts, the Obama administration expelled 1,242,486 unlawful immigrants from the interior of the United States throughout their term in office. In contrast, the Trump administration achieved a meager removal of 85,958 individuals in 2019 and 62,739 in 2020. Obama appeared to be operating at an advanced level of deportation, whereas Trump hardly managed to surpass the beginner level.

Transitioning to an additional profound declaration made by Governor DeSantis. He boastfully asserted that "Florida has the nation's lowest per capita percentage of state government employees." People, the statistics do not lie! The Tallahassee Democrat reports that, among the fifty states, Florida does, in fact, have the smallest state government workforce per capita. Florida, which has 84 full-time state employees per 10,000 inhabitants, establishes an example of government that is severely restricted. Notes in hand, radicals!

Further compounding the situation, the public payroll ratio for state government employees per resident in Florida is the lowest in the nation, at $40, as opposed to the national average of $90. It is evident that DeSantis is successfully managing the government, minimizing wasteful spending, and maximizing efficiency for the benefit of the people. Strong! Bravo!

Governor DeSantis and Ambassador Haley are currently engaged in a minor disagreement. DeSantis asserted that Haley was criticized for accepting Syrian refugees during her tenure as governor. Haley categorically refuted this claim. The reality, however, presents an entirely different picture. According to the Post and Courier, during Haley's administration, a minimum of 22 Syrian refugees were resettled in South Carolina, with intentions to accommodate an additional 26. Regarding this matter, Haley's memory appears to be somewhat hazy. Perhaps she ought to review her previous office records.

Ambassador Haley delivered a thought-provoking discourse on the criticality of third-grade students' reading proficiency. She accurately stated that "a child had a fourfold decrease in the likelihood of graduating high school if they were unable to read by the third grade." This is not a mere coincidental statistic; it is supported by substantial evidence. Reading proficiency by the third grade is critical for future academic achievement, according to a study published in 2011. In addition, it was found by the Annie E. Casey Foundation that the implementation of prevention and intervention programs prior to the third grade has the potential to substantially enhance literacy abilities. The fact that only 27 percent of students in Illinois are able to satisfy the grade-level reading requirement is regrettable. Early intervention must be a top priority in order to guarantee that each child has the chance to achieve success.

The fifth Republican primary debate served as a captivating exhibition of conservative ingenuity, wherein Governor DeSantis and Ambassador Haley refuted fallacies, rectified historical records, and advocated for education and limited government reform. Their exceptional qualifications, unwavering commitment, and profound understanding of conservative ideals render them the ideal candidates to guide our esteemed nation towards a more promising tomorrow.


Written by Staff Reports

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