DeSantis’ Power-Punch Plan: Saving Middle Class & Crushing Elites!

Florida Governor and GOP presidential candidate Ron DeSantis has come out swinging with his comprehensive economic plan to rescue the American middle class from the clutches of the failed elites. He aptly named his plan the “Declaration of Economic Independence,” and boy, does it pack a punch!

First and foremost, DeSantis is determined to take back control of our economy from China. He’s had enough of their unfair trade practices, intellectual property theft, and forced labor. The man means business! He’s going to stop American companies from selling out to China, bring back U.S. capital, and strengthen our supply chains. No more bending over backward for the CCP!

But DeSantis isn’t stopping there. He’s also got big plans to achieve 3% economic growth. He’s going to eliminate burdensome regulations and cut taxes, because why the heck not? Less government interference means more freedom for American businesses to thrive. And who doesn’t want to see our economy soar?

Speaking of soaring, DeSantis is all about unleashing American energy independence. No more kowtowing to the left’s green agenda by pushing electric vehicles down our throats. He wants to protect our grid, support our domestic energy sector, and fuel a manufacturing renaissance. Let’s get those factories humming again and create some darn good jobs!

DeSantis isn’t afraid to take on woke corporations and their push for social engineering through environmental, social, and governance standards. He’s going to make sure that loans and business opportunities are based on merit, not some left-wing checklist. It’s about time someone put an end to this nonsense!

When it comes to education, DeSantis is all about school choice and getting rid of useless degrees. He wants our students to actually learn important skills and become successful artisans and engineers, not brainwashed political activists. And guess what? He’s going to make universities accountable for the loans their students accrue. Taxpayers shouldn’t have to foot the bill for useless degrees!

And don’t even get him started on immigration. DeSantis is going to secure our borders, enforce the law, and limit unskilled immigration. It’s about time the American labor market actually serves Americans! Plus, he’s determined to destroy the fentanyl market and protect our communities from the ravages of addiction.

But perhaps what sets DeSantis apart from the rest is his commitment to reining in the Federal Reserve. No more unaccountable economic central planning and no central bank digital currency. He’s all about stability and entrepreneurship, not government control.

And finally, DeSantis is ready to fight against reckless federal spending and and wasteful government programs. He’s not afraid to use his veto pen and cut off funding to organizations that promote discrimination and undermine our values. It’s time to put hardworking families and taxpayers first!

All in all, Ron DeSantis has one heck of an economic plan. It’s bold, it’s ambitious, and it’s exactly what the American middle class needs. Let’s hope that his vision becomes a reality and we can finally declare our economic independence from the failed elites!

Written by Staff Reports

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